no more fu*king word to say,but they go to hell and burned

How could three young men (the main suspect is a secondary school kid) be capable of such cruel act towards a woman? What makes them think it is right to “mengajar” a woman who refused their ‘love’? Is this any different than hate/revenge crime towards women in some tribal countries? Should we teach school kids the meaning of love?


Dalam masa 20 tahun pertama umur seseorang, amat kritikal bagaimana mereka diajar untuk melayani wanita. If they see/are taught that it is okay to “put women in their place” and to abuse women, they will grow up to become like that. This is why we need to teach men to respect women. This is why we should empower women. This is why we need feminism. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

Elegi 2 hati

Karena hati itu tidak selalu tetap. Sedari waktu ku jumpai hatimu yang serupa rumah hangat. Tak pernah lagi ada kutemui hati yang serumah hatimu, gemerlap kemewahan dari istana mungkin melenakan mata. Tetapi hati yang telah ber-rumah biar ditawar seribu istana, baginya ketenangan telah di letak pada hangatnya rumah. 


Terakhir kesini 7 tahun yg lalu πŸ€“.
Koko ne sek pancet ae.. medit.. ✌🏼️ – at PAPINYA with Shinadila

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Walk with me, sista πŸ‘­


A sister can save your life. A safety net. You never laugh harder than when you’re laughing with your sisters… or very close dear friends. You share the same history;  the inside jokes that no one else would understand in the same way. A sister knows your faults and somehow puts up with them, and loves you in spite of them.




Faradian Ardiani and Nadila Parastuti

I have two sisters – one nearby and one farther away. When I’m with either one, or both, the walks we take and the talks we have are like one long ongoing conversation… we cover all subjects about anything and everything. By my side, my sisters are with me, in the present moment. This piece is about the rich and sustaining, comfortable constancy of lifelong friends… I love you ‘guys’